How to build wireframes in a single click.

The wireframing process is often overlooked, but — like when building a structure of any sort — it forms a critical foundation for the future.  It’s also important for the tool at hand to be nimble and efficient enough to make smart decisions, without getting bogged-down in detail.

But what if you found a site with a perfect UI for your current project? Do you have time now to whip up a/a few wireframes in Omnigraffle or Visio?


This is where Wirify comes to the rescue; a simple but incredible bookmarklet that you can keep to hand safely in your bookmarks bar and will instantly transform any site into a wireframe with a single click of your mouse.

The basic tool does a fairly good job at translating the layout into neat and tidy wireframe form, but is covered in branding.  You can have these removed by signing up for Wirify credits that then allows you to export editable versions of the wireframe to Omnigraffle, Visio, Balsamiq and SVG.

Here is a little teaser video from the owners, Volkside:

Why not go and check out Wirify for yourself now.

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