FREE WordPress installation. Just for you.

Many that are new to the world of websites and blogging specifically will turn to the likes of Tumblr or Posterous, but they lack and yearn for the power that comes with a full self-hosted WordPress install.

Amongst other things, the plethora of plugins available for the open source platform is reason enough to make the leap, and to do it properly.

My Free Service

That’s right, I’ll set up your WordPress account with a basic theme and even install a couple of plugins, just for signing up for basic web hosting with my company Digital Priory.  Ok, it sounds like a catch – but to live up to the challenge, I’ll do it for anyone who comes to me with a web hosting service.

I do have a couple of suggestions if you decide not to use me:

And that’s it!  Just send me an email with your log in details and I’ll help you out, just like that.