You only need one plugin to turn WordPress into an enhanced CMS.

WordPress has slowly been growing and evolving from a dedicated blogging platform into a more structured and flexible content management system (CMS) over the many years that it’s now been around.

This started originally with the Pages functionality being introduced Рto allow static content to presented, followed by Page Templates, Custom Fields and then Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.

But, there is a free, open-source and excellent framework called Pods that allows you to completely manipulate content types with a simple plugin install and its key features are these:

  • All the benefits of Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • One-click add to menu
  • None of the unnecessary WordPress-post overheads (the default fields you get with any ‘new’ post type and the database tables, behind the scenes)
  • Completely structure, organise and display the content any way you want
  • Extend any of the existing post types and taxonomies, from one place
An example Pods custom post type

An example Pods custom post type

One of the issues I’ve experienced is with having different plugins managing custom fields/taxonomies/post types and they sometimes clashed, so the last point is a huge boon.

Technically, all of the Pods benefits have been achievable with WordPress – even from the beginning, really – but only via manual hacks.

Go grab the Pods framework plugin for yourself and let me know your thoughts.