The Experiment

One of the reasons I started this blog was to make sure that any interesting discoveries or ideas that I stumble across are written down for future reference.

A second reason was a realisation that if I’m a marketer with a specialism in online or e-marketing, potential clients wanting to find more information about me, or my work should be easily able to find me on the internet.  This notion prompted a quick search on Google for the term “Jeremy Chow”, which resulted in a random array of results including some LinkedIn profiles for various professionals around the world with the same name as me, a few Facebook profiles and some interesting other places where my name has been picked up including forums.

So, the experiment is this; can I make my name – and this site – appear at the top of the notorious search engine for my name.  Jeremy Chow.

Will it work?  Let’s check back in a few weeks/months…

Update 19/11/2009

This blog has finally been listed on Google and this post has made it to the front page (although the bottom), which is great!  We shall see what happens in the next few weeks.