Magento post-installation: a helpful checklist.

Everyone loves Magento at the moment and for good reason; it’s a very stable, enhanced e-commerce platform with a community and open source. A product like this has been a long-time coming.

Anyhow, installation of this platform is interesting to say the least – but this post is about post-installation. This is a very general checklist of all the things that I found needed tweaking. Some of these are very obvious, but the list also includes those tricky hidden elements that you might only find via customer feedback after launching your site!

Here is the list:

  • Find a good theme (if you haven’t already)
  • Fix mod_rewrite issue if your SEO-friendly links aren’t working (check .htaccess in Magento root)
  • Check file permissions on all Javascript files (loads of issues arise from this)
  • Up the php memory limits to 128M or higher (depending on your server)
  • Delete all irrelevant country <codes> in magento/app/etc/config.xml (this helps to avoid admin login issues)
  • Learn about ‘Magento Connect’ (official plugins/themes from the Magento site use this process)
  • All ‘Transactional Email’ templates
  • Newsletter templates
  • Newsletter cron job (to get newsletter to send)
  • Contacts
  • Remove all sample data (as long as you are comfortable with customising everything)
  • Check/change all text in CMS pages and static blocks
  • Setup and test payment methods (Paypal/Google Checkout etc)

Ok, that’s all I have for now but if I remember more later, I will add them.

Good luck!