My First Day

Today I finally decided, after years of stalling, to get all my thoughts on the world of marketing, online.

It’s been a strange year economically speaking, with a resurgence in the property market alongside upwards trends for many companies spanning from retail to finance; but all of this with an air of ambiguity hanging over from the nightmare that was (and still is) the credit crunch and trillions of dollars/pounds/euros in world debt.

A continued trend that is difficult to ignore, however, is the dramatic drive towards technology, using it as an enabler for business – and in many cases, a substitute for human resources. ┬áThis obviously makes a lot of sense due to the high cost of employing staff, combined with the increasing volumes of people spending money on the internet.

It isn’t just the e-commerce and website markets that are benefitting from the technological push though; other systems, formerly the domain of locally installed software such as ERP and accounting packages are moving homes from local server to online and increasing in sales via SaaS (software as a service) solutions.

More on this later.