Reporting to the unreportable.

In all fairness to human beings generally; reporting is often seen – and especially by marketers – as a necessary evil, but an important one nonetheless. Most in marketing prefer to look at aesthetics such as creative, advertising, video and clever viral videos for YouTube.  Not many are keen on looking at dull black and white swathes of text or spreadsheets.

Personally, I am a reports junkie. I need constant feedback and even if a given report isn’t available, I will try and ensure there is some way of obtaining it.

However, not everyone shares this sentiment and it is often hard to relay the cold hard facts of a report in a meaningful way to someone (your boss, your board, your wife?) without some form of translation from numbers into plain English and/or pretty pictures.

Well, a genius by the name of Nicholas Felton – part designer, part statistics junkie – decided to put together a series of meaningful ‘annual reports’ into a format and creation all his own; for the unacquainted, they are marvels in their own right and will catch the eye of even the most glass-half-empty naysayer.

Interestingly, we both studied the same course at university and although this would not necessarily seem to be all that interesting, Interaction Design is still not quite a widely known subject.  I am also a maths geek.

Take a look at some of the Feltron reports now.

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