Facebook Ads: A Simple Trick To Optimise and Automate Your Conversions.

Although there has been some debate regarding bidding tactics on Facebook and other platforms, I mentioned on a previous post that Optimise for conversions is overall the best method for optimising engagement with users via clicks and likes etc.  This was also covered by Luke from Peerfly on his blog too.  On top of improving overall interaction with customers, a huge benefit is that this effectively automates the bidding process, giving you more time to focus on other variables of the ad like image and copy split-testing.

Optimise for conversions

Depending on how well you are orchestrating the tracking for your campaigns – this may or may not actually appear when you come to select the bidding type towards the end of the advert creation screen.

Instead you may find something a little like this:

Facebook - Optimise For Clicks

Why can’t I see Optimise for conversions?

If you’re setting up a Page campaign, then you’ll get the Optimise for conversions option automatically, but if you are setting up a link to your own site/landing page then the option will only appear when you have selected Conversion Tracking – that is, if you have setup a conversion tracking pixel.  If you are completely new to the concept of conversion tracking pixels, then it’s worth having a read of the Facebook Help Center page here.

After setting up the tracking pixel, you will find that when editing the advert once again, another option will now appear for your bidding options, like so:

Facebook - Optimise For Conversions

I still don’t really understand how to implement the pixel on my site – help!

If you are stuck with the implementation side of setting up the tracking pixel, just set one up anyway and don’t worry about using it (or come back to sort it out later).

Luckily, you will still get the benefits of optimised CPM bidding from Facebook!

Hopefully that’s of some use to you Facebook marketers.